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Bookkeeping: You Can Do Anything BUT Not Everything!

Today is Halloween; a day when people dress up like superheroes like, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The thing about dressing up as our favourite hero is that we can pretend to be someone that can literally do anything because of their powers. Why am I writing about superheroes you ask? Why is a bookkeeper/business owner talking about being able to do anything? It’s because as business owners, particularly entrepreneurs, we like to believe that we can do it all on our own. We can open our businesses, prospect for clients, do the work for those clients, take care of our own bookkeeping, and business upkeep as well as have a personal life. While this sounds good in theory, the truth is, we can’t do it on our own. We need to enlist the help of others in order to be able to properly run a successful business. By delegating the duties that we need completed, we are then able to focus on the things that earn our business revenue like prospecting for new clients, and actually working on client files.

This is where Clarity’s primary mission statement comes into play! Our mission statement is “We Are IN Business to Help You DO Business!” This means that our company purpose is to help you with the things that you need to have done but don’t earn you revenue. They help you keep your business running so that you can go out into the community and garner new clients etc. so that you can earn more revenue for your company. How do we do this?

As core certified, elite pro-advisors with QuickBooks, we have the tools you need to take care of your bookkeeping needs which are a vital part of running any business. We have spent the time to develop systems and processes within our own company that will help you keep your books organized from start to finish and we would like to take the time to let you in on how this works. Here is our process:

Client meets with our CEO, Scott Caslick for a free half-hour consultation to discern what their bookkeeping needs are and how Clarity can help;

Client contracts with Clarity to complete the bookkeeping needed and signs a contract;

  • Client delivers documentation and paperwork to Clarity. This can be done in one of three ways or a combination of any of them:
  • Hand deliver documentation to the Clarity Office;
  • Clarity comes to the client’s place of work and picks up the necessary documentation; or
  • Client utilizes the online software called Hubdoc © that Clarity sets up for them. This program will allow clients to take a picture of any receipt on their phone, scan documents or email documents. Hubdoc will decipher the information on the documents and then integrate with QuickBooks so that Clarity can reconcile them to the documents. Hubdoc and QuickBooks will also keep an image of the document on the cloud so that we can pull it up and review if needed. Hubdoc will also pull statements from the client’s banking institution so that they are ready for Clarity to reconcile

Once the documentation is received, Clarity will review, complete monthly bookkeeping reconciliations and prepare reports for the client.

Clarity will complete the reconciliations and reports and will keep a “Financial Binder” in office for the client.

Clarity will also complete and prepare payroll for clients. This can include preparing and writing the pay cheques, preparing and completing the e-transfer for payroll to employees, or just preparing the payroll paperwork and send the pay stubs to the employer to complete the pay cheques or e-transfers.

Clarity will also prepare and complete necessary remittances such as payroll liabilities (due the 15th of each month) and HST.

Should the client ask, Clarity will also help with collecting those accounts receivables that clients are having difficulty with.

While there are other things that Clarity can do to help you out within your company should you request it, we primarily focus on bookkeeping as that is our specific speciality. We strive to be the best that we can be and work diligently to provide the best possible service we can for our clients so that they can be as successful in their specific business as possible. We also have some other business professionals on file that can help you out with whatever you need in order for your business to be successful. What this means is that if we can’t help with your specific need we will put you in touch with someone who can. As stated We Are IN Business To Help YOU DO Business!!

To find out more how Clarity Solutions can help you please contact us by calling 226-777-6116 or email Scott Caslick at We want you to be as successful as you can be, and we are here to help you achieve that! Until then remember, you can do anything BUT you can’t do everything!