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What If You CAN’T Afford to Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

clarity solutions inc - bookkeeping - finances - personal taxes - St. Thomas, Ontario

You started with a dream.  A Grand one at that!  With the dream of supporting your family or simply having the freedom to set your own schedule and pace your own success!  You’ve invested your own hard-earned money into building it from the ground up.  You’ve done your research into your target market and even attempted at some of your own marketing!  You’ve poured hundreds and even thousands of hours into balancing it all!  But how much of that time is spent on tasks you don’t enjoy.  How much of your productivity has been taken from doing the work you are the Master at?

It can be difficult to justify paying to outsource aspects of your business when cashflow is limited! 

Here are some practices you can put into effect to save yourself some of the stress of your administrative tasks until you are prepared to hand them over to a specialist!

Create Systems

Have you noticed a pattern in your workflow that has you doing the same job over and over again? 

Spend a few weeks being intentional in tracking these tasks – whether that is preparing quotes for jobs, order fulfillment, scheduling appointments, or tracking expenses and income. There are so many excellent resources, apps, and programs for automating these tasks.  Find a program that is as comprehensive as your business is.  Take a weekend and set up these systems.

Use Templates

Create templates for letters and invoices.  Download a couple apps that help you with these tasks.  Use spreadsheets.  There are endless resources available to you at the click of a button!

Add Recurring Tasks / Events to your Calendar

Do you order inventory on a regular basis?  Do you attend network meetings?  Do you have a schedule for paying your bills?  All of these tasks can be set to recur and intervals within calendar apps and online banking!

Assess the Underlying Reasons Why You Aren’t Ready

Is it the fear of handing over these tasks to someone who may undo all your progress?

Are you trying to convince yourself, your family, even those who criticized you in the beginning that you can single-handedly build your business? 

Change the way you talk to yourself!  Determine what the most important things in your life are!  Be honest with yourself about the energy you have to invest in all of those things!  What areas of your life are suffering because you are so busy building your business?  Might it be worth it to delegate those tasks out to have richer family life, balanced personal wellbeing, more time to do the things that make you feel alive?

Take time to assess the things!  You may find it really is time! 

You are capable!  Success is possible!  Remember the old saying: “Work SMARTER, not Harder!”

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